The beginning of
Gezana Eritrean Restaurant

Selam has been the Chef at Gezana Eritrean Restaurant from the start. She is also co-owner of the restaurant. As a hobby, Selam often cooked for the family or large groups of friends who came to enjoy her injera. While grabbing various sauces with the injera, she was unable to avoid the question when she will start her own restaurant?

Gezana Eritrean Restaurant opened in 2017 and it has since become a familiar name in Eindhoven. With surprising herbs from Eritrea and a varied choice of vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes, Gezana Eritrean Restaurant in Eindhoven has revived a concept that is centuries old in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

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Coffee Ceremony

We have an Eritrean coffee ceremony daily at our coffee corner. Where we roast and grind fresh coffee beans while you dine. The coffee contains ground dry ginger, which enhances the flavors of the coffee. Highly recommended for coffee lovers.